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  • Book Name: The Price Of Tomorrow
  • Book Author: Jeff Booth
  • Book Categories: Business & Money, Economics
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 203 Pages
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We reside in an anomalous time. Technological advancements are passing breakneck than we can comprehend, and in a world that’s moving faster than we can imagine, we can not sit still. This advancement brings effectiveness and cornucopia, and is deeply deflationary. Our profitable systems were created for apre-technological age where labor and capital were inextricably linked, an age that depended on growth and affectation, an age where we made plutocrat on inefficiency. That period is over, but we continue to pretend that the profitable system still works. The only thing that drives growth in moment’s world is simple debt, which is being created at a rate that’s hard to understand, and with it, debt that we will noway be suitable to repay. As we try to instinctively compound an profitable system erected for the history, we’re creating further than just profitable problems. In our current way, our world will come deeper and more polarized. We need to produce a new structure for the original and global frugality, and soon; We need to embrace deflation and the cornucopia that it can bring. Else, technology will destroy us and our capability to bring cornucopia to the world. In this remarkably opposing book, Jeff Booth, a commanding mind and CEO for 20 times ine-commerce and technology, describes the technological and profitable realities that shape our present and unborn and the choices we face as we move forward, a implicit concern. Status. But deeply promising situation.

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