A Fairy Song by William Shakespeare

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a fairy song by william shakespeare

A Fairy Song Summary

In this poem, there is a fairy that continues to spread and dewdrops spread over every flower that comes. The flowers are known as cows and she is spreading drops of dew on them. He refers to those flowers as his fairy queen. The cows are the queen’s pensioners, which means that the queen is giving away something in return, just as an employee receives a pension in exchange for her services to her employer at work. He said he does everything fairies do. He explained that he wanders quickly through various places such as bushes, fires, valleys, parks and floods to serve the fairy queen by throwing dew drops on the bushes and grass. She does it because they are fairy favors and she tries to make them smell good. The poem is about a fairy who serves the fairy queen.

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Book Information:

  • Name: A Fairy Song
  • Writer: William Shakespeare
  • Categories: English Literature, Poem
  • Language: English
  • Book Format: PDF
  • Total Pages: 1
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