Survey of International Economics by Michigan State University

Survey of International Economics PDF by Michigan State University free download and read online.

Survey of International Economics PDF by Michigan State University free download

Survey of International Economics PDF

“Survey of International Economics” is a course offered by Michigan State University (MSU) that provides an introduction to the field of international economics. The course covers various topics related to international trade and finance, including:

  1. International Trade: The course covers theories of international trade, such as comparative advantage and factor endowments. It also explores trade policies, including tariffs and quotas, and their impacts on economies.
  2. International Finance: The course covers international monetary systems, exchange rates, and the balance of payments. It also explores the role of international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
  3. Economic Development: The course covers the economics of developing countries, including their trade patterns, policies, and challenges.
  4. Globalization: The course covers the economic, political, and cultural aspects of globalization, including the impacts of globalization on different countries and groups.

The course is typically offered at the undergraduate level and is open to students from various disciplines. The course may also be available as part of MSU’s online program.

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  • Name: Survey of International Economics
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