Programming Language Concepts Lecture Notes by Madhavan Mukund

Programming Language Concepts Lecture Notes pdf ebook by Madhavan Mukund free download.

Programming Language Concepts Lecture Notes pdf ebook by Madhavan Mukund free download

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  • Title: Programming Language Concepts Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Author: Madhavan Mukund
  • Categories: Programming, Coding Theory
  • Language: English
  • Total Pages: 182 Pages
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This note covers the following motifs Object Acquainted Programming, Data Encapsulation with Class, Sorts and Succession, Abstract Class, Exception Handling, Reflection, Concurrent Programming, Functional Programming, Logic Programming, Scripting Language.

A program is a set of instructions that help a computer to perform tasks. This set of instructions is also called a script. The programs are executed by the processor where the scripts are interpreted. The languages ​​that are used to write a program or set of instructions are called “programming languages”. Programming languages ​​are astronomically divided into three types: machine position language, assembly position language, high position language, machine level language.

Machine language is the smallest position in programming languages. Handles double data such as 0’s and 1’s. It communicates directly with the system. Instrumental language is fine for understanding deadly animals because it has a combination of 0 and 1. There is software that restarts programs in machine positioning language. Examples include operating systems like Linux, Unix, Windows, etc. In this language, conversions do not require compilers or practitioners and therefore cost less. However, it is mobile and unreadable by humans.

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