Growth Hacking Marketing by Munir Hasan

Growth Hacking Marketing pdf book by Munir Hasan free download, read marketing hacking trick with this book.

Growth Hacking Marketing pdf download free ebook

Book Review:

Marketing is another sore spot for any new entrepreneur. This is a big problem in our country. Because our entrepreneurs can hardly create their own product or service in any way. Most investors reject it, if it doesn’t go up one level. Again, even to a certain extent, you need extensive marketing. Due to lack of marketing funds, the poor fell into danger. One way out of this is to associate marketing with your product or service. Doing it in such a way that marketing can be done cheaply, even at minimal cost. Growth Hacking is a marketing method that, when used correctly, helps not only new entrepreneurs, but also established entrepreneurs to grow. Sometimes it can be done absolutely free.

This book is one of those marketing method books. Here’s how an entrepreneur can use this method to expand their business with several examples from home and abroad. The size of the book is very small. But if used, this book will become an entrepreneur’s infallible marketing weapon.

Marketing is not a big problem for those who are willing to learn it and if you, as the smart founder, think your product has something new and valuable to offer then the first place you will go marketing with it is online.

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Updated: April 29, 2023 — 4:17 pm