Daily Training by E F Benson

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Daily Training by E F Benson PDF ebook free download online

Book Information :-

  • Book Name: Daily Training
  • Book Author: E F Benson
  • Book Categories: Medical eBooks
  • Book Publisher: Good Press
  • Publish Year: 1903
  • Book Language: English
  • File Size: 4.4 MB

Book Description :-

The book is based on notes written by two of its authors who, although living a very different life, follow some general health principles mentioned here. One of them, for example, eats mostly meat every day, the other has not touched meat for years. But both are accustomed to feel extremely good and work hard enough mentally or physically without feeling any fatigue. One of them exercises regularly, that is, plays outside for most of his life, while the other, who avoids vegetarianism, has less habit. You will not exercise outside for several days, you will work very hard and in the end, you will be perfectly fit for a serious physical examination. But they both agree that if one gives up meat (which they do not want to do) they will no longer need regular exercise and if others eat meat (which they do not want to do) they will not. Very sick but need to exercise regularly. He is rarely seen without a tobacco product in his mouth, because he finds it enjoyable, and after a withdrawal test, he finds that there is no difference in his overall health in what he sees. The other never smokes. One again takes a cold bath in the morning, the other a hot and then a cold sponge. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, despite their differences. Either that saved them from orthodoxy. Because it helped them realize that even when they agreed on something, it would be foolish to assume that they were right and as a result they only presented the points they agreed on as advice, hoping that others might agree with them after the trial. . . Universal laws on empirical questions such as health are rare and men’s constitutions are diverse. The flesh of one man is, in fact, literally the poison of another. But, in general, the two authors agree. They believe that most humanity habitually overeats and habitually consumes a lot of stimulant foods and drinks. They further believe that most people do not get enough exercise and need to increase or decrease exercise.

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