Chinese Literature by Epiphanius Wilson

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Chinese Literature PDF eBook by Epiphanius Wilson Free Download Online

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  • Book Name: Chinese literature
  • Book Author: Epiphanius Wilson
  • Book Category: Historical Fiction
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 482 Pages
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The strangest image we see in the history of Oriental thought is that of Confucius. To the popular mind, he is the founder of a religion and yet he has no resemblance to the great religious teachers of the East. We consider Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, to be a symbol of romantic asceticism, zealous self-sacrifice and belief in the unseen. Gerstar is a friend of God, speaking face to face with the Almighty and receiving wisdom and knowledge from the mouth of the omniscient. He is represented as Muhammad being raptured into heaven, where he receives divine communication that he is commanded to spread throughout the world with fire and sword. These great teachers lived in a supernatural environment. They have spoken of the authority of the inspired prophets. They have brought the unseen world closer to the minds of their disciples. They spoke positively about immortality, reward or punishment outside the grave. They despised the present life, the future was all their promised satisfaction. The teachings of Confucius were quite different. In all his writings he did not even mention the name of God. He refuses to discuss the question of immortality. When asked about spiritual beings, he commented, “If we do not know men, how will we know the soul?” Yet this is the man whose education has shaped the national character of 500 million people. A temple dedicated to Confucius still stands in every town and village in China. His teachings are memorized by all children from an early age and every year the Royal University of Peking celebrates a festival in honor of the distinguished teacher.

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