Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault

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little red riding hood story pdf download - european fairy tales book

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Modern Language – The Little Red Riding Hood is a world fairy tale compiled and compiled by the Grimm brothers in the nineteenth century. Please provide a brief description of the content so that children and parents can easily follow and understand the structure of the whole story.

“A little girl named Little Red Riding Hood went to the forest to feed her sick grandmother. A wolf saw her and planned to eat her. The wolf asked her where she was going. Where and she answered innocently, then the wolf asked her to pick flowers.

Meanwhile, the wolf comes to eat Grandma and pretends to be Grandma of Little Red Riding Hood. When he arrived, he was eaten by wolves. A hunter came to open the wolf’s stomach, saving the girl and her grandmother. He kills the wolf by throwing stones at the wolf’s stomach. ”

Modern language has borrowed this ancient story to convey educational content to children. The main purpose is:

– Encourage children to overcome any shame and lack of confidence.

– Help children learn basic English structures: Help children learn vocabulary and correct pronunciation.

– Help children learn fun, natural and especially easy to remember English.

– Use many good songs to help children learn effectively.

We are glad to introduce you to the parents!

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  • Book Name: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Book Author: Charles Perrault
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: N/A
  • File Format: PDF

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