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Business policies focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of business activity. It provides a framework to help individuals make more informed decisions in their role as producers or consumers. Understanding business principles in this course of study prepares students to be productive members of society. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop the business and management skills necessary to survive and thrive in a dynamic local, regional and global business environment. Business curriculum principles engage students in research management that helps them improve communication and critical thinking skills and build awareness of business ethics and social and economic responsibilities.
The curriculum will not only provide a good foundation for further business studies at the pre-professional and professional level, but will also help students develop the necessary skills, competencies, attitudes and values ​​that are critical to success in today’s business environment. .

In addition, it will inspire the principles of the ideal Caribbean person described by the heads of the Caricom government. That is, “the person who demonstrates a positive work ethic” and “displays values ​​and creative imagination in its various manifestations and nurtures its development in the economic and business spheres”.

Furthermore, according to the UNESCO Pillar of Learning, at the end of this course of study, students will be exposed to human and democratic values, learn to live together, learn to do, learn to be, learn to be and live together. Rights. Policy, among others.

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