What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon

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What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon (EPUB) Free Download

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  • Book Name: What the Wind Knows
  • Book Author: Amy Harmon
  • Book Categories: Literature & Fiction
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 416 Pages
  • File Format: EPUB
  • File Size: 611 KB

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Anne Gallagher grew up fascinated by her grandfather’s story about Ireland. Heartbroken at her death, she goes to her childhood home to spread her ashes. There he is, overwhelmed by the memory of the man he cherished and swallowed by a story he never knew, he goes back to another time. Ireland in 1921, on the brink of war, a dangerous place to wake up. But there, under the care of Ann, Wounded, Disoriented, and Dr. Thomas Smith, the guardian of a child who seems strangely familiar. Confused with the boy’s missing mother, Ann accepts his identity, making sure the woman’s disappearance is related to him. As tensions escalated, Thomas joined the Irish War of Independence, and Ann clashed with him. Caught up in the story and in his heart, he must decide whether he is willing to give up life for a love he knew he would never find. But in the end the decision is really yours?

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