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Romeo and Juliet Review:

Romeo and Juliet: they settle in 1300 in Verona Italy. It takes place in the middle of summer, where the Elizabethans thought that those few warm summer weeks drove people a little crazy. They were not used to warm weather, and would do strange things, and Shakespeare takes that background information and uses it to drive the behavior of some of the characters in the play. The work will only last five days, starts on a Sunday and some Thursdays by the time the work is over, many people have lost their lives. The names of the characters in the play are very significant, such as Mercutio, which comes from the word mercurial, which means changing and unpredictable. When you look at the character of Mercutio in the play, he is like his name, he is very crazy and unpredictable, so his name is very good Benvolio if you know Italian, it comes from the word bene that means good and Benvolio is The good boy of the history.

He is honest, he is a true friend, he is someone who can be trusted to give an honest account of what is happening and his name reinforces that Thibault is Juliet’s cousin and his name comes from a cartoon character that the Elizabethans would have known and this character looked like cliffs and boots with a sword, a cat with a sword, and when they call him king of cats in the play they make fun of him. They are making fun of him, the prince named Esquilo and Esquilo. It is related to the word scales. The prince is the judge, since the ruler of the city is the final judge, so he is associated with Lady Justice and tries to find a balance to the problems that are happening among the characters in the history of Paris. We all know it for having read. The Odyssey is the young man who escaped with Helen and began the Trojan War and here Paris is a young man looking for Juliet’s hand, however, he does not try to escape with her, but Prince Escalus is as I said before May he be the king of this city. He is not really the king, he is the Prince, this is a principality, he is the ruler, he is caught between the two families who are at war and has relatives on both sides.

So he feels very torn, he cares about the two families and wants him to get along, and whatever he has done so far has not been able to achieve it, he tries to stop the violence, but so far he has not been successful. Capulet is Juliet’s mother, she wants Julia to marry Paris Juliet and her mother has a very formal relationship, since most of the noble women of this era would have had to not raise their children. She had a babysitter to help her do that, so you feel the distance when the two women talk to each other so that Julia and her mother respect each other, but there isn’t a strong emotional bond there, Mr. Capuleto tells Paris about Juliet in The beginning of the work. Paris goes to the father as a courtier would at this time and asks for Juliet’s hand in marriage, she has been rejected, but this time in particular. Lord Capulet in the middle of the speech changes his mind and decides well if Juliet agrees with the marriage, he will agree with the marriage, and wants Paris to come to a party he will organize to meet Juliet in a formal situation and see how She feels for the wedding. In general, Paris is represented as 10 years or more, so it would be between 20 and 30 years. He would since then, he is a nobleman, he would have had enough money to be able to take a girlfriend and keep her.

Juliet, as you know, is our protagonist, is about to turn 14, is not yet 14 years old, only a few days old is 14 years old. She has been raised to be the perfect Elizabethan girl, very obedient to her parents. Whatever they say, honor them, respect them. When his mother raises the idea of ​​marriage, he says he never thought about it, but that he will do what his parents want him to do, in fact, 13-year-old girls got married during this period, so it wasn’t unusual to marry Your daughter at the age of 13. Juliet does not have girls of her age in this play to talk, so we have the feeling that she is extremely isolated and that becomes important later, in the play, this is my favorite. Juliet from the movie in 1960, the nurse um has been taking care of Juliet since she was a baby. She was the nurse and talks about um breastfeeding Juliet, it is also a comic relief in the play. She is very obscene, has a strong sense of humor.

She loves to laugh; She is not an educated character because she is one of the lower classes, but you have the feeling that when her husband was alive, she had a pleasant and healthy marriage. She says she talks about many sexual advances and is a pleased character and you have the feeling that she really loves Juliet. She is Julia’s surrogate mother and Juliet’s closest friend in the Paris or County play count.

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