Othello By William Shakespeare

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Othello By William Shakespeare

Othello is a tragedy of William Shakespeare, which is believed to have been written in 1603. It is based on the story A Moorish Captain of Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, first published in 1565.

Othello By William Shakespeare Summary

Othello by William Shakespeare takes place in 16th-century Venice and also in Cyprus. Othello is a noble black warrior in the Venetian army. He secretly marries a beautiful white woman, Desdemona, daughter of a prominent senator named Brabantio. When he finally finds out and is completely furious, he decides to repudiate Desdemona.

Iago has secret jealousy and resentment towards Othello because a soldier named Lieutenant Cassio was placed in front of him and also suspects that Othello has been cheating on his wife. Pending revenge, Iago plans a tortuous return to raise suspicions in Othello’s mind that Desdemona has been having an affair with Cassio. One night a street fight begins with Cassio. Everyone gets together and Othello finds him drunk on time and then is fired from his post.

Desdemona returns to Cassio’s case with her husband, which only increases her suspicions that the couple is a lover. While all this is happening, Iago manages to find a precious Desdemona handkerchief that was given to him by Othello. Somehow he puts the scarf on Cassio so that Othello sees it and finally concludes that possession is proof of the matter. Due to jealousy, he orders Iago to kill Cassio. Then Othello decides to strangle Desdemona.

Immediately after his innocence is revealed and the betrayal of Iago is exposed. In an attack of grief and remorse, Othello commits suicide and Iago is stopped by the authorities.

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  • Name: Othello
  • Writer: William Shakespeare
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  • Language: English
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