As You Like It by William Shakespeare

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As You Like It by William Shakespeare

As You Like It Summary

Rosalind and her cousin escape the forest and find Orlando, Rosalind’s love. Disguised as a shepherd boy, Rosalind makes Orlando court her on the pretext of “curing him” from his love for Rosalind. Rosalind reveals that she is a girl and marries Orlando during a group wedding at the end of the play.

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Act I

Orlando, the youngest son of the recently deceased Sir Roland de Boys, is treated harshly by his older brother, Oliver. Bitter and angry, Orlando challenges the court fighter, Charles, to a fight. When Oliver finds out about the fight, Oliver tells Charles to hurt Orlando if possible.

Duke Frederick recently deposed his brother, the older Duke, as head of the court. But he allowed Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, to remain, and she and Celia, the duke’s new daughter, watched the wrestling competition. During the game, Rosalind falls in love with Orlando, who beats Charles. Rosalind gives Orlando a chain to use; In turn, he is defeated by love.

Act II

Shortly after, Orlando is warned of his brother’s plot against him and seeks refuge in the Arden Forest. At the same time, and seemingly without cause, Duke Frederick banishes Rosalind. She decides to seek refuge in the forest of Arden with Celia. They both disguise themselves: Rosalind as the young Ganymede and Celia as her pastoral sister Aliena. Touchstone, the fool of the court, also goes with them.


In the forest of Arden, tired cousins run into Silvio, a shepherd in love. Silvio was in the act of declaring her feelings for Phoebe, a despicable pastor. Ganymede buys the lease to the property of an old pastor who needs someone to manage his estate. Ganymede and Aliena settled in the forest. Not far away, and without realizing the newcomers, Duke Senior is living a simple outdoor life with fellow courtiers and exiled hunters. His joy is interrupted by the arrival of Orlando, which seeks food for him and his servant. The two men are received by the courtiers out of the law.

Ganymede and Aliena find verses addressed to Rosalind hanging on the branches of the forest by Orlando. Ganymede finds Orlando and proposes to cure Orlando of his love. To do this, Orlando will woo Ganymede as if it were Rosalind (though “he” really is … Rosalind). Orlando consents and visits Ganymede / Rosalind every day for his lessons. Meanwhile, Pastor Phoebe has fallen in love with Ganymede while Pastor Silvio still pursues her. In addition, Touchstone, the fool of the court, has dazzled a country girl, Audrey, with her courtly manners. Audrey abandons her young suitor, William, for him.

Act IV

When Duke Frederick hears that Orlando disappeared at the same time as Rosalind and Celia, he orders Oliver to go to the forest to look for his brother. In the forest, Orlando saves Oliver’s life, injuring his arm in the process. Oliver meets Ganymede and Aliena in the forest and tells them this news. Rosalind (disguised as Ganymede) feels overwhelmed by her feelings for Orlando. Celia (disguised as Aliena) and Oliver quickly fall in love with each other. Rosalind decides it’s time to finish his game with Orlando and designs a plan in which everyone will get married.

Act V

Like Ganymede, Rosalind promises Phoebe that they will marry, Celia will marry Oliver, Touchstone will marry Audrey and Orlando will marry Rosalind. She makes Phoebe promise that if, for some reason, they don’t marry, Phoebe will marry Silvio.

On the day of the wedding, and with the help of the god Himeno, Rosalind reappears in her feminine clothes. Duke Senior gives it to Orlando, while Phoebe accepts Silvius. Orlando’s other older brother returns from the university with the news that Celia’s father, Duke Ferdinand, left the court to become a hermit. Therefore, everyone is happy (except maybe Phoebe, who marries someone he doesn’t love and Silvio, who marries someone who doesn’t love him). The play ends with a cheerful dance to celebrate the four marriages.

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