Bal Kahaniya (बाल कहानिया) by Muni Kanheyalal

Bal Kahaniya (बाल कहानिया) by Muni Kanheyalal Pdf download. – hindi free book pdf.

Bal Kahaniya (बाल कहानिया) by Muni Kanheyalal Pdf download. hindi free book

Book Review-
Man started a family life, since then a series of stories also started. The grannies and the nannies probably contributed most to maintaining this order. All the changes that man made in his life-order also emerged in the stories. Initiation of certain changes took place in the story and in the human being. Man changed the story and man changed the story. The story-world behavior is also different from the world. In the world of behavior, animals and birds do not talk, nor do they have any knowledge about policy etc., but in the story-world it all happens. This happens most often in children’s stories. Therefore, it can be said that the truth of the story – not from the point of view of Patna – but from the fact that is presented in it. In fact, the fact of the story is its true and eternal element. The story is loved not only by the children but also by the youth and the elderly. Everyone gets inspiration from him. Its various characters represent individuals of different nature. That is why every type of person finds any of his characters according to his mood or ideal. Man naturally prefers highness or idealism. Therefore, the listener or reader of Ramayana instinctively instills in the mind that he should become like Rama and not Ravana. The story which succeeds in instilling such inspiration in the mind of its listener or reader, can be called a truly successful story. The success of the story is the success of that writer.
Muni Kanhaiyalalji is a man of action and also very firm in his tunes. They are doing a good effect of Dharmasandha, while performing in Assam (Purvanchal). He has presented some popular stories in simple book-dress in the book ‘Bal-Stories’. His efforts and enthusiasm are hereby appreciated. With this, the mind of the boys and girls will be oriented towards Adarsh. In the recognition of good and bad, his intellect will become pathetic and the seeds of sublime rites will sprout in the fertility of his heart. I hope that these stories prove to be inspiring for the simple wisdom of children. – Bal Kahaniya (बाल कहानिया) by Muni Kanheyalal Pdf download.

Book Information:

  • Name: Bal Kahaniya (बाल कहानिया)
  • Author- Muni Kanheyalal
  • Book Category: Hindi Children Story Book
  • Language: Hindi
  • File type- pdf
  • PDF size- 16mb
  • Total Pages- 517
  • Quality- good, no watermark

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