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Gaban by Munshi Premchand Hindi Novel pdf

Book Review:

One of the most popular novels of ‘Gaban’ Munshi Premchand, it was first published in 1931. The novel tells the story of Ramanath, a charming but morally weak young man. Embezzlement gave an enthralling picture of Indian middle class society.

Beginning of the story
The rainy days are the month of spring. Gold subtracts in the sky. It starts raining intermittently. There is still a third time; But it seems like it is evening. There is a swing installed in the Mango orchard. Girls are also swinging and their mothers too. Two-four are swinging, two-four are swinging. Someone starts singing Kajali, another one Barahmasa compositions. Children’s memories also arise in this season. As if these showers wash away the worries from the heart. Mani also defeats a withered mind. Every heart is full of passions. Ghani sarees have linked nature’s greenery.
At the same time a hawker came and stood near the swing. The swing stopped as soon as he saw it. Everyone came and surrounded him. Bisati opened his chest and began to show off the flashing things. There were ornaments of raw beads, raw laces and knots, colorful socks, beautiful goodies and goodies ornaments, children’s rags and rattles. Some people took this, others took that. A big-eyed girl liked the thing that was the most beautiful of those shining things. He was a moon-colored moonbearer. Amma, I said to my mother, I will lose it.
Mother asked Bisati – Baba, how much is this necklace – Bisati wiped with the handkerchief of the necklace and said that the purchase is twenty to come, give the mistress whatever you want.
Mother said – It is very expensive. In four days, its glow will shine.
Bisati shook her head with a touching gesture – Bahuji, in four days, the daughter should get the real Chandrahar
Will go These heartfelt words hurt Mother’s heart. The necklace was taken.
There was no limit to the enjoyment of the girl child. Perhaps he would not have enjoyed this much even with the defeat of diamonds. Wearing it and dancing in the whole village fell. The child’s wealth that he had, the most valuable, the most loved was the necklace of Billaur. The girl’s name was Jalpa, mother’s standard. Monsieur Deendayal lived in a small village in Prayag. He was not a farmer but did farming. He was not a zamindar but used to do zamindari. They were not policemen but used to be thana. He was the landlord’s agent. His attack on the village. He had four peons, a horse, many sing – – buffalo. The salary was a total of five rupees, which was not enough for his tobacco expenses. Who knows what other routes were there for his income. Jalpa was his girl. At first she had three other brothers, but at this time she was alone. If someone asks him what happened to your brother, he would say very simply – he has gone away to play. It is said that Mukhtar sahib had beaten a poor man so much that he had died. All three boys continued to fight within his three years. Since then the poor people used to walk very carefully. Gently, feet were burning, milk was burnt, buttermilk also used to drink bitterly. What more support in the life of mother and father? Whenever Deendayal goes to Prayag, he will bring some ornaments for Jalapa. There was no idea in his practical intellect that Jalpa could be more happy than anything else. Goodies and toys he considered futile, so Jalpa used to play only with jewelery.

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