The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield

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The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield Pdf Book

Book Review:
Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party” was published in the literary magazine Weekly Westminster Gazette in February 1922 to promote this story and Other Stories, a larger collection of author’s short stories published by Constable & Co. under the title of the article. In fact, this story is considered one of Mansfield’s best works, probably due to her autobiographical writings. It’s a great, multi-level story about a young girl who travels the story to spend a great day at a party. It’s a short story by Katherine Mansfield.
The early twentieth-century setting for the story is based on Mansfield’s childhood home in Wellington, New Zealand. The Sheridan, like the Beauchamps (Mansfield’s last name), was an upper-middle-class family with three daughters and one son. Before Laura Sheridan went to England for college in Wellington, the Sheridan brothers were named to pay tribute to her favorite character in Luisa May Alcott’s Little Women, a 180-year-old Manfield parody published in her youth. The March sisters are Meg, Joe (Josephine), Beth, and Amy. Laurie is a good friend of March’s family and later marries Amy. The Sheridan brothers are similarly named Meg, Jose, Laura, and Lori are Lara and notice the symmetry of the names and behavior of her brother Lori. Like her literary counterpart, Laura Sheridan, like Joe March, questions her position in the world and especially in her family.
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  • Name: The Garden Party
  • Book Writer: Katherine Mansfield
  • Label: English, English Short Prose
  • Book Language: English
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