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“Nirmala” is one of the best / most popular Hindi novels written by Nirmala Premchand. This novel was published in 1927 but began writing novel in 1929 as a matter of dowry and marital discomfort. From 1925 to 19226, the novel was published in several installments in the women’s magazine “Chand” from Allahabad. A novel is a special place in the history of women-centered literature. The main character and narrative focus of this novel are Nirmala, a beautiful and sweet 15-year-old girl who was married to a middle-aged man and his ex-wife had three children. Nirmala’s character is very clear, but human society has always given her negligence and carelessness. He was skeptical. It is a tragic story of a marriage with dowry and concealment. This brings to the fore the feminist discourse of Premchand. Nirmala novels mainly attack the unequal system of marriage and dowry in India. She also underlined the status of a middle-class woman at the time. Premchand writes this novel so currently that once you start reading it, the reader gets relief as soon as it is finished. The duality of Nirmala, the protagonist of this novel, connects the reader to her and helps to understand the detrimental effects of the social practices that women in Indian society still enjoy. You can easily download the PDF version of this novel at MYEBOOKSFREE.COM from the link below.

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