Deerghtama (दीर्घतमा) by Suryakant Bali

Deerghtama (दीर्घतमा) by Suryakant Bali Pdf download । Hindi ebook pdf. total pages- 259pages.

Deerghtama (दीर्घतमा) by Suriyakant Bali Pdf download

Book Review-
What did Labratma know about what was going to happen today. They were just moving towards the enlightenment filled with the eagerness of one of their resolutions. Nineteen-year-old Lathama was the owner of a very beautiful, proud, tall and full body. His hair was frizzy. The ability to have a strong impact on the viewer for the first time. But Longitma could not know what effect his personality had on the watcher. Those who were blind with eyes. Longitha was blind since birth. Mamta cried seeing her son born blind. The tears pouring out of his eyes had not subsided for many days and the voice had become angry with him. When stabilized, the child got the name of whatever he said for the first time by sticking it on his chest. Mamta said, “How will you live my life full of tamas, my lord?” How will you spend long years of life filled with darkness? ”And just then, every Ashram dweller started calling the child a long-winded name which again became his name – Longitma Mamateya. Mamta’s son Laritama. —- Read the next part from PDF. – Deerghtama (दीर्घतमा) by Suryakant Bali pdf.

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Deerghtama (दीर्घतमा)
  • Author- Suriyakant Bali (सूरियकांत बाली)
  • Book Type- Hindi Literature, Hindi Novel
  • File Format- PDF
  • Book Language- Hindi
  • Total Pages- 259
  • Size- 15mb
  • Quality- best, without any watermark

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