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Treasure Island is the map, the hidden gold, the story of the pirates and the rebellion. Written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1881, it follows the story of a boy named Jim Hawkins who lives with his mother in Admiral Benbo, an inn. One day, a mysterious man known as “Captain” makes a mistake, half drunk in his business. At first, they are reluctant to accept it, sure it will scare their customers and thus take away their profits. However, ‘Captain’ insists and, over time, they become addicted to that rum and get used to his company. One horrible day, his serenity is shattered when a blind man comes to see the “captain”, threatening him. Jim is forced to flee the inn with a map of Flint’s (a famous pirate) treasure, and board a ship called the Hippaniola on Treasure Island in the hope of discovering Flippant’s gold. On that island, a riot breaks out and Jim will need his intelligence to survive.

On Treasure Island, an elderly sailor known as Billy Bones arrives at the inn of young Jim Hawkins’ parents and begins something beyond his imagination. Because when the bones mysteriously die, Jim stumbles upon a map of a mysterious island in his ocean chest, where the “X” marks the location of a pirate gold graveyard. While boarding a ship from Hispaniola with his friends to retrieve the treasure, Jim soon realizes that he is the only one who does not know anything about that treasure. Drowning in a world of sudden betrayal, rebellion, shipwreck and murder, the fascinating yet terrifying Long John Silver, who never stops to get a share of the loot … prolongs the journey of the stolen ship as he explores the trouble. Like adventure, imperialism, violence, dishonesty, Christianity and corruption.

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  • Book Name: Treasure Island
  • Book Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Book Categories: English Literature, Fiction
  • Book Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc
  • Publish Year: 1999
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 80 Pages
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: 1 MB

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