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The Birthday Party was the playwright’s first commercially produced full-length play written by Harold Pinter. He began composing the play after serving a theatrical tour, at which time he did “dirty and crazy digging” in Eastbourne, England. There she meets ‘bul` a big woman ’and a man The boarding house has become the model of the play’s dilapidated boarding house and the female and her hired models are for the characters of Meg Boles and Stanley respectively.
He had previously worked on a play, The Room, a one-act play, Pinter themes and motifs which he would take to the birthday party and some of his later plays. These themes include the failure to serve the language as an adequate means of communication, the use of space as a sanctuary to be intimidated by intruders, and the surreal confusion of obscuring or distorting the truth.
The full-length play, directed by Pinter himself, premiered on April 26, 1986, at the Arts Theater in Cambridge, England. It was quite successful on tour there and in Oxford, but then moved to London under the direction of Peter Wood and then opened on May 19 at the Lyric Opera House in Hammersmith,
Received harsh criticism and closed within a week. Harold Hobson, the only one among the critics of the Sunday Times, saw a lot of promise in the play. He thought Pinter had enough originality and he was “the most disappointing and interesting genius in theater London”. However, it was too late to make his review
Any good production. The show was already out of the forums, with a remarkable turnout and incessantly hostile reviews, including a morning audience of six. Most critics felt that Pinter was immersed in ambiguity and was negatively influenced by Eugene Inesco, Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot).
(Bald Primer Donna) and other event-guard writers Later, Pinter would be surprised to learn that the work was a “complete genocide by critics” in London, but noted that it was the only abuse he received from critics and that his interest in writing never waned. The playwright’s first full-length threat became a comedy, a kind of work.

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