6 Secrets to Startup Success by John Bradberry

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6 Secrets to Startup Success Business and Economics Book PDF

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It takes passion to start a new business. But that same entrepreneurial enthusiasm can also lead you astray. More than six million Americans start businesses every year. This is every minute 11 enthusiastic dreamers who hope to transform their lives for the better. But there is a huge gap between the high level of aspiration and what entrepreneurs actually achieve. The harsh reality is that most startups fail within a few years of launching. Why are so few startups successful? And what is the difference between those who achieve it? Entrepreneur, consultant and investor John Bradbury set out to discover the answer and came to a surprising conclusion: the passion that drives and motivates many founders also misleads many of them. Full of real-life stories of both success and failure, this groundbreaking book reveals key principles that entrepreneurs must follow to keep their great ideas on the right track. In Sec Secrets to a Successful Startup, Readers Will Learn How to: Turn Your Passion into an Economic Value with a Profitable Business Model a Improve Your Readiness to Start and Lead a New Company Manage Funds and Cash Flows BreakAven and Chart a Way Out Complete with essential tools, including an assessment to measure a company’s strengths and weaknesses, developing the resilience needed to persevere over time, often accompanied by unbridled passion, the 6 secrets of success will help entrepreneurs around the world make their dreams come true.

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  • Book Name: 6 Secrets to Startup Success
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