She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith

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She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith

She is inclined to conquer is a comedy by Oliver Goldsmith, first performed in London in 1773. The play is a favorite for the study of English literature and theater classes in the English-speaking world. It is one of the few works of the 18th century that has retained its appeal and is performed regularly. The game has been adapted in a movie several times, even in 1914 and 1923. Errors Initially, the game was titled one night and the events within the game place take on a long night. In 1778, John O’Keeffe wrote a loose sequel, Tony Lumpkin in Town. [Wikipedia]

She Stoops to Conquer Summary

She Stoops to Conquer, one of the most enduring comedies of the 18th century, takes a comic, often ridiculous, look at the behavior and marital expectations of the upper classes in England at this time. The work focuses on the desire of Hardcastle, a rich landowner in the country, that his daughter, Kate Hardcastle, marry the well-educated Charles Marlow. Together with Marlow’s father, Sir Charles Marlow, they arrange for young Marlow to visit Hardcastle’s house and court Kate. However, Kate is less than impressed when she discovers that, despite her strong and respectable character, Charles is extremely shy and reserved with women. Therefore, she promises herself that she could never marry him. Before Charles and his friend, George Hastings, can get home, Mr. Hardcastle’s stepson stops them at the local brewery. A naughty prankster, Tony Lumpkin convinces them that Hardcastle’s house is, in fact, the local inn. Therefore, when Marlow and Hastings arrive, Marlow treats the Hardcastle family with impudence and disrespect, falsely believing that they are servants there. To get to the bottom of her true character, Kate disguises herself as a maid and produces a comedy while Marlow makes love with the “maid” and ignores her father. Meanwhile, George Hastings is delighted to find his true love, Constance Neville, who lives in Hardcastle’s house. Through Mrs. Hardcastle’s plans, she will marry Tony, despite her mutual dislike. Finding a way out of his marriage, Tony helps Constance recover her inheritance and takes her mother out of the way, leaving her in a local horse pond! Finally, when Marlow’s father arrives, everything is fixed and Charles Marlow is mortified by his behavior. Forgiven by all, the two couples find happiness with each other, and Tony successfully earns his legitimate inheritance without an unwanted commitment. Source:

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  • Name: She Stoops to Conquer
  • Writer: Oliver Goldsmith
  • Categories: Poem, English Literature
  • Language: English
  • Book Format: PDF
  • Total Pages: 135 pages
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