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Published in 1854, Hard Times is a novel based on Victor Panasic’s personal experiences and feelings about life in Victorian-era art cities in England. The story is burdened with the bitter sincerity of Deacon’s dislike for the artistic automation of life and strict utilitarianism. All the evils of money power and utilitarianism are exposed and the character of Gradgrind and Josiah Bounder Bye is a symbol of futility. Stephen Blackpole and Rachel’s portrayal of the dusty, smoky, fuzzy shacks, and their unnecessarily inertia, as well as the miserable life in the industrial factory of work and fatigue. The iron wheels of truth and statistics to amass wealth in exchange for love, imagination, sensitivity and enthusiasm for life made Thomas Gradgrind and Louisa the worst victims. Gradgrind’s rebirth came at the cost of destroying the lives and future of his children.

Thomas Gradgrind, a wealthy retired merchant from Cocktown, England, devoted his life to the pursuit of rationality, self-interest and the philosophy of truth. He founded a school and his father, after the disappearance of a circus performer, gave a generous welcome to a student at the kind and imaginative CC Zoo.

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