Introductory Microbiology by Matthew P. Hoch

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Introductory Microbiology pdf by Matthew P. Hoch

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Microorganisms continually evolve to more successfully cope with the selective pressures in their environment. The cellular structures, metabolic capacity, regulatory functions, and mechanisms of genetic exchange observed in contemporary microbes are the product of more than three billion years of evolution. Many microbes have even changed during our own lives, in part due to the new selective pressures created by man. The principles of the evolution and diversity of microbial life will be the underlying topics throughout the course as we learn specifically about the biology and genetics of microbial cells, the applications of microbes in biotechnology and industry, the role of microbial communities in the environment. defenses and infectious diseases. . Enrollment in the Introductory Microbiology Laboratory (MICRB 202) are highly recommended.

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