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Biochemistry by satyanarayana pdf | Biochemistry book

Biochemistry PDF Book by U Satyanarayana

you. Satyanarayan and U. Biochemistry 4th Edition is a great book for studying Biochemistry written by Chakrapani, the book is available for pdf download. Satyanarayan’s book ‘Biochemistry’ has undoubtedly become a favorite textbook for students and teachers of medical, biological and allied sciences (in India and many other countries). Undoubtedly, it is a favorite book and a true companion for those learning biochemistry, which is why many consider it the “Bible of Biochemistry”. Satyanarayan’s book Biochemistry went through three editions, various reprints and revised reprints over 13 years. Advances in organic chemistry continue due to the exponential growth of materials. Additionally, teachers and students should seriously consider critical feedback, clear feedback, and constructive suggestions. All Satyanarayana Biochemistry books require constant review.

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In this biochemistry book, the topic of biochemistry is perhaps the most interesting, dealing with the chemical language of life, be it animals, humans, plants or microorganisms. No other scientific discipline has as many applications as biochemistry in health, veterinary medicine, medicine, agricultural technology and bioengineering. This requires a completely different approach than a textbook on organic chemistry. There are many biochemistry textbooks in the market. Some of them are purely fundamental, while others are applied, and there are very few books that cover these two aspects together.

Satyanarayan’s book ‘Biochemistry’ is unique in its simultaneous and equal emphasis on fundamental and applied aspects of organic chemistry. Satyanarayan Biochemistry textbook is primarily an integration of medical science and pure science, which is widely used to meet the curriculum requirements of undergraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, life science and other departments (agriculture, veterinary medicine, etc.). Where students learn biochemistry. As one of the subjects. There is a tendency, especially among medical students, to treat biochemistry as complicated and unimportant metabolic (chemical) pathways. Satyanarayan’s book Biochemistry gives a new direction to the subject of biochemistry so that students can realize the great importance and significance of the application of biochemistry in medicine.

Satyanarayan’s Biochemistry book is designed to develop sustained interest and enthusiasm in students to learn and develop biochemistry concepts in a step-by-step, logical manner. There are a variety of teaching aids as well as colorful illustrations to help students understand the subject quickly and thoroughly. Summary and Biomedical/Clinical Concepts intended for rapid absorption and assimilation of information and concepts in biochemistry.

It will not be out of place to mention here how and when this book was born. The entire book was written in the early hours of the morning (between 2 am and 6 am, when the world is asleep), during which time I conduct my intellectual activities. After a good sleep, a fresh mind full of creative thoughts and innovative thoughts helped me a lot in writing the book Satyanarayana Biochemistry. My wife begged me not to write about diabetes, cancer, AIDS at home. In my spare time from the department, I have made a sincere effort to write about those issues, respecting their feelings. But when I saw them in the calm mood of the morning, I had to abandon them in despair and write them anew. In fact every page of Satyanarayan’s book Biochemistry was conceived in the dark and born at dawn!

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Satyanarayana Textbook Biochemistry is a distillation of my knowledge and teaching experience in Biochemistry acquired over the past 25 years. It contains predetermined information on biochemistry for a better understanding, assimilation and reproduction. Each page is carefully crafted. The ultimate goal of Satyanarayan’s Biochemistry book is to equip the reader with a comprehensive knowledge of biochemistry as well as practical aspects. Although I have done my best to keep this book error-free, I am under no illusions. I appreciate comments, criticism and suggestions from teachers, students and other readers and they will help me improve the next edition.

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  • Book Name: Biochemistry
  • Edition: 4th Edition
  • Book Author: U Satyanarayana
  • File Format: PDF

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