Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues by BOU

Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues PDF eBook by BOU free download and view online.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues by BOU in Bangladesh Open University eBook

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  • Book Name: Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues
  • Book Author: BOU – Bangladesh Open University
  • Book Categories: Academic and Education, Environment
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 285 Pages
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: 3.85 MB

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The purpose of this module is to: Increase your knowledge of sustainable development and environmental issues affecting young people around the world, provide you with skills that will help you contribute to a positive change in the current state of the environment, give you the ability to lead. And supports group activities that will contribute to environmentally sustainable development. The result of learning is a statement that tells you what knowledge and skills you will have when you work successfully on a module. Once you work through this module, you will be able to: Describe key concepts related to the natural environment and related issues, identify key social, economic and political factors that contribute to environmental problems, explain the concept of sustainable development, Agenda 21 Including describes various approaches to environmental protection and sustainable development around the world, evaluates the opportunities and practical approaches provided by several organizations.

This e-book on sustainable development and environmental issues covers the following chapters: Unit 1: Understanding Our Environment – The goal of this unit is to increase your understanding of key concepts related to our natural environment and related issues. Unit 2: Social Environment and the Natural Environment: In this unit, you will learn about our relationship with the social environment and the natural environment. You will examine some of the socio-economic issues that are part of the environmental problem. Unit 3: What is sustainable development? In this unit, you will learn about the global challenge to development issues and the need to integrate environmental issues with sustainable development policies. You will also learn about opportunities for youth participation in sustainable development activities. Unit 4: Action for Sustainable Development: This unit further examines the meaning of sustainable development in practical activities and projects.

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