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Human resource management is the process of bringing people and organizations together so that each one’s purpose is fulfilled. It is part of the management process that deals with the management of human resources in an organization. Try to bring out the best in people by cooperating seriously. In summary, it can be defined as the industry of developing and retaining qualified personnel to achieve the objectives of an organization in an effective and efficient manner.

STUDY MATERIAL FOR B.B.A STUDENTS, SEMESTER – VI, THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-21, Page 1 of 77. The CONTENT of this book is – HUMAN RESOURCE, HR PLANNING, RECRUITMENT-SELECTION, PERFORMANCE EVALUATION, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, Performance appraisal, Training and development, Career planning and development, promotion, transfer and demotion, Management of change, development and culture, Human relations, Industrial relations, Compensation management, etc.

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  • Book Name: Human Resource Management
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