Animal Farm By George Orwell [English]

Animal Farm pdf fairy story was written by George Orwell. Animal Farm By George Orwell Pdf file free download size is – 1.78MB.

Animal Farm Pdf By George Orwell

Book Review:

It is perhaps the most popular and widely translated of the books by George Orwell. Its relevance continues unabated because leaders in democracies, no less than in autocracies, continue to behave in the ways satirized in the novella.

Mr. Jones from Munawar Farm is so lazy and drunk that one day he forgets to feed his cattle. Pigs The uprising, led by Napoleon and Snowball, has resulted in the animals being taken to the fields. In an effort to end the terrible inequality of the farm yard, Animal Farm has been renamed to benefit all people who walk on all fours. But as time goes on, ideas of rebellion become corrupted and then forgotten. And something new and unexpected has emerged.

It’s the story of a revolution gone wrong. It is a great satire on the corrupting influence of George Orwell’s power.

Book Information:
  • Book Name: Animal Farm
  • Book Writer: George Orwell
  • Book Categories: English Literature, Short Story
  • Book Language: English
  • Book Format: PDF
  • First published in 1944.
  • Last updated Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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