Category: English Short Prose

All For Love by John Dryden

Download All For Love by John Dryden in pdf. All For Love Review: Everything for love is a heroic work in Bank-verse; imitating new rules of the French playwrights Corneille and Boileau. It was forged and printed in 1677 and made by the King’s company. It was reviewed in the fields of Lincoln’s Inn in […]

Macbeth By William Shakespeare

Download Macbeth By William Shakespeare in pdf. Macbeth is a tragedy of William Shakespeare; It is believed that it was first performed in 1606. It dramatizes the harmful physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for themselves. Book Information: Name: Macbeth Writer: William Shakespeare Categories: English Literature, English Short Prose, […]

A History of Romantic Literature By Frederick Burwick

Book Information: Book Name: A History of Romantic Literature Book Writer: Frederick Burwick Book Categories: English, Romantic Literature, English Literature Book Language: English File Size: N/A [CLICK HERE TO BUY] A History of Romantic Literature By Frederick Burwick: Historical Narrative Offers Introduction to Romanticism by inserting Key Figures in Overall Social Context Going on the […]

Animal Farm, by George Orwell [English]

Animal Farm Animal Farm is perhaps the most popular and widely translated of the books by George Orwell. Its relevance continues unabated because leaders in democracies, no less than in autocracies, continue to behave in the ways satirised in the novella. Book Name: Animal Farm Book Writer: George Orwell Book Language: English Book Format: PDF […]