All For Love by John Dryden

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All For Love by John Dryden

All For Love Review:

All for love; Or Word Well Lost, a heroic work by John Dryden, which is now his best known and most edited work. It is a tragedy written in empty verse and is an attempt by Dryden to revive serious drama.

Everything for love is a heroic act in the bank-position; Imitating the new rules of the French playwrights Cornelius and Bolivar. It was forged and printed in 1677 and made by King’s company. It was discovered in the fields of Lincoln Inn in February 1704 and in Drury Lane in December 1718. It is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra but focuses only on the last phase of the main characters in Alexandria. It was dedicated to the leader of the Ant-French movement, Thomas Osborne, who was the Earl of Danby.

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