Understanding Criminal Procedure By Joshua Dressler and Alan C. Michaels

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Understanding Criminal Procedure

Understanding Criminal Procedure Review:

The fifth edition of Understanding the Criminal Procedure is new in many respects. More significantly, it has been expanded into two volumes. The first section is intended to be used primarily or exclusively in criminal investigative courses focused on the police investigation process. These courses are titled in different ways: Criminal Procedure I; Criminal Procedure: Investigation; Criminal Procedure: Police Practice; Constitutional criminal procedure; Etc. Because some of these courses also cover the right to trial and appeal to the lawyer on behalf of the defendants, the first section includes a chapter on this police-practice issue.

(The last section is covered in Part II) The second part of the Criminal Procedure Code covers the criminal process after the police investigation is completed and the trial process begins. This book begins with pre-trial issues of justice that are effective in criminal proceedings (several Criminal Procedure II; Criminal Procedure: Verdict, etc.), such as charges, preventive detentions and inventions. – and continue with the trial itself and then the next process of recognition: sentences and appeals.

Understanding criminal procedure is primarily designed for law students. The authors wrote the text so that students could use it confidently that they would assist them in the course preparation, and teachers could recommend or determine student volumes with confidence that the classroom dialogue would improve. Based on the views of the authors and teachers in the past, they predicted that this new expanded understanding of the criminal procedure would further improve the needs of students and teachers. Also, based on the experience of previous editions, including citations to this text in the academic literature and judicial opinions, we believe that the two volumes will be useful for academics, lawyers, and court practitioners.

Understanding the criminal process involves one of the most important cases of the United States Supreme Court. Federal rules of criminal procedure, federal law and lower federal and state court cases are considered, if relevant. Determining matters related to the general principles of the criminal procedure; And some of the debates in the field are deeply considered and, we believe, objective. Readers should use the text easily. Students who wish to delve deeper into a topic can and should read the chapter in its entirety.

However, each chapter is divided into sub-sections so that readers who need more refined research can find answers to their questions efficiently. The authors also include quotes from important academic studies, both classic and recent, so that readers can explore deeper topics. And, as many of the themes are related to each other, cross-reference footnotes are included, so readers can easily move from one part of the text to another if needed.

Book Information:

  • Name: Understanding Criminal Procedure
  • Volume: One and Two (1 and 2)
  • Writer(s): Joshua Dressler, Alan C. Michaels
  • Language: English
  • Categories: Law & Criminology, Criminal Law
  • Price: Volume One – $51.44(Paperback), Volume Two – $49.00(Paperback)

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