Administrative Law Cases And Materials by Prof. Andres Molina Gimenez

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// Chapter I. Public Administration. I.- Concept. II.- Original and Historical
Evolution. III.- Privatization of public administration in the current legal system.
// Chapter II. administrative law. I – Nature II.- Most outstanding characteristics.
// Chapter III.- Linkage with the Administrative Authority and Legal Theory.
I.- Concept of ”potesta” authority. Second. – Modalities for granting administrative rights
bodies. III.- Types of Powers.
// Chapter IV.- Nature and Special Typology of Administrative Action. Principle of ‘self-protection’ of self-application. I.- Principle of “self-protection”, special character. Second.-
Types of “autotutella”. III.- Limit of “self-protection”. IV.- Before the Civil Defense
“Self guardianship”.
// Chapter V.- Sources of Administrative Law. Structure and characteristics. ME.-
Sources of Administrative Law II.- Theory of Organizations. III.- Implementation
Criteria. IV.- Non-parliamentary in the form of laws. V.- Overview of European Law.
// Chapter VI.- The Regulations as a Specialized Source of Administrative Law. I.- Concept
and characteristics II.- Validity and effectiveness of the regulations. III.- Types of
Regulation. IV.- Monitoring of regulation.
// Chapter VII. administrative structures. Faculties of self-organization. I.- Theory of
Administrative organization. II.- Collegiate bodies. III.- Organization Techniques.
// Chapter Eight. State administration. I.- General concepts. II.- Organs.
// Chapter IX Of the Territorial Administration. I. Basic Law. II.- Composition of
Valencian generalitat.
// Chapter X Local Government. I.- The principle of local autonomy. II.- Sources
local law. III.- Special legal regime. IV.- Types of Local Institutions. V–K elements
Organizational structure of the local administration. VI.- Province.
// Chapter XI. Corporate and Institutional Governance. I.- Corporate
Management. II.- Institutional Administration.
// Chapter XII. administrative statement. I.- Concept and Characteristics. Second.-
Types of administrative decisions. III.- Elements of the Law. IV.-Administrative
Silence: Silence consent or disagreement, absence or lack of response: the alleged act. V.- Efficacy
of administrative decisions. VI.- Suspension of effectiveness and suppression of administrative actions
plays. VII.- Validity and nullity of administrative resolutions. The principle of nullity.
// Chapter XIII. Administrative procedures. I.- Concept, Nature and
execution. II.- Theory. III.- Legal situation. IV.- Administrative Procedures
// Chapter XIV. Administrative measures. I.- “Ex officio” measures
(Ex officio amendment). II.- Appeal and other administrative appeals: “Alzada”,
“Reposition” and “Extraordinary Appeal for Review”.
// Chapter XV.- Strict Responsibility in Public Organizations. I.- Concept and Characteristics.
// Chapter XVI. Judicial Review (I). I. Fundamentals and Fundamentals. II.- Nature and
Characteristics of the Judicial Review III.- Aspects and Objectives of the Administrative Appeal.
// Chapter XVII-Judicial Review (II). I.- Appeal for judicial review. II.- Procedures
for judicial review. III.- Judgment. IV.- Appeal against Order (Disposition), Order
(auto) and rule (prayer). V.- Special procedures.

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