Land Laws of Bangladesh By Dr. Md. Anser Ali Khan

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Land Laws of Bangladesh (Hardcover) By Dr. Md. Anser Ali Khan

Book Review:

Land law is a form of law that deals with rights of use, exclusion, or exclusion of another from the land. In many jurisdictions, this type of property is called real estate or real estate as opposed to private property. Land use agreements, including leases, are an important intersection between property law and contract law. Liability on someone’s land rights can constitute someone else’s land rights such as comfort. Mineral rights and water rights are closely related and often interrelated concepts.

A basic form of land rights law that develops without a state of the application; For example, reclaimed clubs in the American West were biologically established organizations for enforcing the rule mining system. Illegal occupation of land, land grabbing without property is a worldwide phenomenon.

This is a Bangladesh land law book, which book written by Dr. Md. Anser Ali Khan. People learn land laws of Bangladesh to protect their lands. This is best land law book in bangladesh. This book available for buy on

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Land Laws of Bangladesh
  • Book Edition: 4th Edition
  • Book Writer: Dr. Md. Anser Ali Khan
  • Book Categories: Laws & Criminology, Evidence Law, Bangladesh Laws
  • Book Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 703
  • Price of This Book: 650BDT

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