Understanding Criminal Law, 8th Edition By Joshua Dressler

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Understanding Criminal Law

Understanding Criminal Law Review:

This broad and clearly written agreement of understanding is often cited by academics and courts as an analysis of brief criminal law and has become a popular source of assistance to criminal law students at the turn of the century. Any case has been taught together with a book to understand criminal law.

The topics covered are often mentioned in the criminal law case books, and the coverage of these topics serves as a complement to the teacher’s classroom discussion. The text focuses on the basic elements and protections of all crimes; Provides deeper coverage of crimes such as murder, rape, and theft; And it covers other important topics covered in criminal law courses, such as collaborative and compulsory duties. The burden of criminal law also includes the principles of punishment, the origins of criminal law, and general principles such as legality and proportionality. Traditional law has been emphasized with extensive comparisons with model criminal codes and modern rules. This version also covers recent and ongoing amendments to the Offers Model Criminal Code, providing coverage of the most significant in history, with coverage of rapidly changing legal fields such as self-defense laws and sexual assault laws.

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Understanding Criminal Law
  • Edition: 8th Edition
  • Writer: Joshua Dressler
  • Categories: Law & Criminology, Criminal Law
  • Language: English
  • Book Format: PDF
  • Price: $46.55(Paperback)

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