Paradise Lost By John Milton

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Paradise Lost Pdf Poem By John Milton

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Paradise Lost is an epic of empty verses by 17th century English poet John Milton. The first edition, published in 1 version 1667, contains ten books with more than ten thousand verses. A second edition was then compiled in 1674 into twelve books with minor revisions.

John Milton’s career as a prose and poetry writer has three distinct eras: Stuart England; Civil war and interconnections, including the Commonwealth and the Protectorate; And recovery. Milton’s main political prose was written in the 1640s and 1650s, during the struggle between the Church of England and various reformist groups such as the Puritans and between the monarchy and parliament. Called the Anti-Episcopal or Anti-Relative Agreement and the Anti-Monarchy or Political Agreement, these works advocate higher civil liberties for freedom of conscience and humanity in the face of both religious and governmental oppression and persecution. In keeping with his liberal outlook, Milton Ariopagitica wrote that he was often identified as the strongest argument for press freedom. In March 1649, Milton became secretary of the Council of State for Foreign Languages. His responsibility to the government in the field of foreign policy is documented by official correspondence, State Letters, first published in 1994. Milton strongly defended Cromway’s rule in the Econoclastes or Imagebreaker, which was an attack on Charles’ personal I was comparing him to William Shakespeare’s Duke of Gloucester, a hungry hypocrite. Until his recovery, Milton continued to defend himself on behalf of the Protectorate, despite being blind in 1652. After the coronation of Charles II, Milton was removed from public service, arrested, and imprisoned. Paying the fine and mediating between friends and family, Andrew Marvel, Sir William Davenant, and possibly his younger brother and royal lawyer Christopher Milton were released. During the turbulent recovery and the house he occupied for eight years in Petty-France, Westminster, he was forced to leave his home. He settled somewhere else, including a friend’s house in Bartholomew Klose; Eventually, he settled in a house on Artillery Walk towards Bonhill Fields. Milton died of complications from gout on November 8, 1674, or about seventy-six years of age.

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