The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum

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Oz’s Wizard as an Economic Example: A Brief Introduction It may or may not be common sense. Some economics textbooks claim that this is a surprisingly mysterious nugget: Oz’s story was an economic metaphor. Take it, those who say the economy can’t make fun of it. Wealth redistribution is often a source of political instability as a result of unexpected changes in price levels. From 1880 to 1896, prices in the United States fell by 23 percent. This inflation was good for lenders (mainly bankers in the Northeast), but bad for non-lenders (lenders, mainly farmers in the south and west). Inflation was blamed almost exclusively on the now infamous gold standard, and instead a proposed move in silver was a long-awaited option. The silver issue dominated the 1896 presidential election. Republican candidate William McKinley campaigned on a platform to preserve the value of gold. William Jennings Brian, the Democratic nominee, fought valiantly against gold and silver. In a famous speech, Brian declared: “You will not press this crown of thorns on the forehead of labor, you will not crucify mankind on the golden cross.” Not surprisingly, McKinley was a former Conservative candidate, and Brian was a Democrat candidate in the South and West. Then came The Wizard of Oz. Midwestern journalist L. Frank Baum tells the story of Dorothy, a girl lost in a strange land far from her home in Kansas. Dorothy (representing traditional American values) makes three friends: a squirrel (farmer), a lumberjack (industrial worker), and a lion whose roar exceeds its strength (William Jennings Brian). Together, the four make their way along a dangerous yellow brick road (Gold Standard), hoping to find the magician who will help Dorothy return home. They finally reach Oz (Washington), where everyone sees the world through green glasses (money). The magician (William McKinley) tries to be everything to everyone, but he cheats. Dorothy’s problem is solved only when she learns about the magical power of her (otherwise ordinary) silver slippers. (Unfortunately, the movie forgot the parable and dropped the silver slippers, depriving most viewers of the true joy of victory!) The Republicans (The Magician) won the 1896 election, and the United States maintained a gold standard. , But free silver advocates got the inflation they wanted after gold was discovered in Alaska, Australia and South Africa. Even later, Gold was completely abandoned and the con-magicians were never heard of again. Dorothy and Baum had the last laugh at Yellow Brick Road’s unwanted magical persecution and turning the world green. Well, at least off the road.

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