Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

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Around the World in Eighty Days PDF ebook by Jules Verne free download

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  • Book Name: Around the World in Eighty Days
  • Book Author: Jules Verne
  • Book Categories: French Literature, French Novel
  • Book Language: French
  • Total Pages: 242 Pages
  • File Format: PDF / TXT

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In 1872, a wealthy English gentleman, Philius Fogg, made a bet to orbit the earth in 80 days. With his French wallet, Passportout, he started an incredible race against time, on land and at sea. Firm Inspector Fix, sure Phillius Fogg is a thief, chases him relentlessly across the continent. Around the World in 80 days written by Juels Verne, is an adventure of the story, revolves around Phileas Fogg, Passpartout his retainers and a beautiful woman Auoda and the clever operative- operative fix. The story begins with enormous bet between fogg and his friend Saurat that whether or not it’s physically possible to travel the world within 80 days to prove this station, he set out with his menial passpartout to trip around the world. This book takes place in time 1872 so their motive of transportation is veritably intriguing.
The characters in the book were veritably well written. This book is only about 65 runners and you can enjoy this story while traveling. Phileas fogg is a diurnal routine follower and is a calm and cool, Passpartout is a veritably intriguing kind of person who’s always ready to help others but, isn’t a good secret keeper. Detective Fix a brilliant asset who understand the situation veritably well and is a big problem creator in the life of fogg. Aouda is a veritably enough Indian woman who accompanied by Phileas
In my opinion, this may not be a life- changing book, but it sure will be an eye- opening bone. Numerous people look at the trip as a tiresome exertion; commodity to sleep through; just an redundant part of the real exertion. But, this book gives us the aesthetics of the trip. In real life, we’re like Phileas Fogg, counting figures till we reach the destination. But, this book shows us through the eyes of Passepartout, the menial, how to use the small quantum of time.
I would veritably much recommend this book. This book has great characters to fall in love with, and an adventure filled with tremendous suspension that will keep you on the edge.

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