Afghan Napoleon by Sandy Gall

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  • Book Name: Afghan Napoleon: The Life of Ahmad Shah Massoud
  • Book Author: Sandy Gall
  • Book Categories: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Book Publisher: Haus Publishing
  • Publish Year: 2021
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 320 Pages
  • FIle Format: PDF

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The first book in the ten- time history of the Afghan leader against Ahmad Shah Masood. When the Soviets raided Afghanistan in 1979, the resistance was different. Numerous brigades are captured in the fight and competition for Western munitions. In particular, members of Ahmad Shah Massoud, a military expert and a political leader who instigated the demurrers and obtruded in Russia’s affairs, had to leave. Sandy Gall followed Masood during the Soviet irruption and protestation of war in Afghanistan, and he recounts that experience for the first time in the autobiography of a attractive military leader. Includes surviving quotations from the Afghan Napoleon Masood Chronicles-numerous of which were restated into English for the first time- depicting important moments in his particular life and during his struggles. Born in independent Afghanistan in the 1960s, Masood fought against the Confederates and rose through control of the Panj Valley against Soviet resistance. Although he was ineligible and had a lot of figures, he made a lot of palms among the Russians. The assassination of Masoud in 2001, just two days before the attack on the Twin Towers, is believed to have been directed by Osama bin Laden. Despite Masood’s sweats to establish political agreement, he’s honored as a public idol moment.

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