Tazkira e Ghousia / تذکرہ غوثیہ By Shah Gul Hassan

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Book Review:

This comment is contained in a book called Tajkira Ghosia. It should not be considered as the name of Hazrat Ghosh Ali Shah.

Many were asked to read the Hazrat Ghosh Ali Shah Kalander Archive. Many said that it is important to read this book to understand the tradition of Wahadat-ul-Uzud in the subcontinent. One gentleman even enthusiastically said that this book is the rate of Fusus al-Hakam.

I started reading this book as ordered. This is a fact book. There are only stories here, half of which happened with Mr. Ghosh Ali Shah and the rest he narrated. No references were made to these stories. Only Ghosh Ali Shah draws what he wants to draw from the story and sometimes also draws two conclusions from the same story which are in conflict with each other.

Nothing in the book is quoted. However, in some places the verses of the Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) are not the same. A chapter on Tauhid has also been established in the book which describes the articles of the followers of Tauhid. However, these articles are as varied and different as the types of Tauhid, meaning that even after reading this whole chapter, you will not understand what the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is saying about monotheism. Perhaps he did not give his point of view but the reader understood his own monotheism.

A chapter is also made on the basis of several conditions of Sufism. I think this is the best chapter of this book where at least you didn’t leave the reader alone but told the truth of these verses.

Looking at the book as a whole, the words and events in it are contradictory. Sometimes the people of Allah and the messengers of Allah are praised for their greatness and greatness, sometimes Iblis and Satan are praised. Sometimes even the prophets are told to be ignorant of the real facts. In some places it is known that Satan is the greatest lover of God.

In my personal opinion, this book is neither a book of correction nor a book of truth. It is a coveted book of stories and tales and the recipients of evidence from it. In this book you will find all kinds of stories. Praise the devil if you want. Even the Absolute Merciful. You blame the apostles or blame God. Sometimes a servant is needed and sometimes a servant is everything.

Well, it is also surprising that Ghosh Ali Shah himself made contradictory statements about himself in this book. An elder asked him why he didn’t say Hama Ustak, he said what he said was empty and empty. And those who are present will not say. And secondly, I am a seeker. On the other hand, some facts and phrases seem to be ubiquitous. All the blame falls on the great God. In one place it was written that Satan had misled the whole world, so who misled Satan. He writes in a more sarcastic tone. As soon as he came to himself, he became silent.

He was silent about many elders but in one of the words of Hazrat Sultan Bahu he told them that your Bahu Sahib did not even smell of Tauhid. Because perhaps they are not convinced of monotheism.

What is the purpose of the book? There is a storyteller from whom everyone can express himself according to his own understanding and ability, even if he is one of the Tawheed-Ujudis. Akbar explained (or one of the monotheistic witnesses).

I think this book should be read only by those who want to see how the tradition of Sufism has spread in the subcontinent. It is not right to believe this book.

Abrar Ahmad Shahi
Ibn Al-Arabi Foundation

Book Information:

  • Book Name: Tazkira e Ghousia / تذکرہ غوثیہ
  • Writer: Shah Gul Hassan
  • Book Category: Urdu Books, Urdu Novel
  • Book Language: Urdu
  • Book Format: Pdf
  • Total Pages: 514pages
  • File Size: Unknown

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Updated: September 19, 2020 — 1:22 pm