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About British expatriates in a country titled A Passage to India. Forrester draws on the complex relationship between the characters of the English, Hindu and Muslim dynasties and the clash of different cultural semantics.

A Passage to India is in reality, as far as I understand in recent times, I have reviewed the internet content and the latest research, it is the result of your visit to India and the desire to know India, its culture, philosophy, art. And society, unity in diversity and above all Hindu-Muslim-Christian unity is ultimately synthesized in order to do something in the cave of death, which is nothing more than the repeated caves of the Ajibika community. Indian Hatterdox School Including straightforward analysis of mentality and violence against women. If India is a new experience in the West, Orientalism and the depth of myth and mysticism, it is full of external and unnecessary dangers. Our orthodox and conservative view sometimes inhumanely, severely hinders the natural flow of all-encompassing and global humanism.

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  • Book Name: A Passage to India
  • Book Author: E. M. Forster
  • Book Categories: Novel, Humanities
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 68 Pages
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