The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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The Hunger Games PDF by Suzanne Collins Download Free Fantasy & Magic book

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  • Book Name: The Hunger Games
  • Book Author: Suzanne Collins
  • Book Categories: Fantasy & Magic
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 519 Pages
  • File Format: PDF

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You probably know the backstory of Panem, a country in the northwestern United States, divided into its twelve art-based districts. You may not know, if you have just watched the movie, or heard someone else narrate, then the book is very well written. It has a beautiful rhythm that is essential when needed and even when appropriate. The main character, 16-year-old Katnis Evardine, doesn’t start out as the most exciting character. Her love for her younger sister Prem makes her likable. It is a favorite and somewhat related for an older sibling who once had the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. This love is best presented in the scene where the name of the Prime is paid homage to District 12, the coal mining district where he and Katnis live. The irrationality of Prime’s name is being dragged out because one in a thousand people had Katnis relaxed in his thinking that it would even happen. In fact, the phrase most often used with games is “Adversity can always be in your favor.” The embarrassment of that phrase combined with the name of the Prime that has been drawn and every time it happens, it’s a nice touch that Collins gives the reader. In fact, adversity is never in your favor.

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A novel about fighting a death contest where the characters rarely have to kill someone, they never have to kill someone in a morally suspicious situation, and if someone has to be killed, the author doesn’t let them reflect. When the most frightening thing in a book about children being forced to kill other children for public entertainment is a genetically modified hallucinogenic vapor called a fool, then something serious goes wrong.

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