Literary Translation and Bengali by Aditi Ghosh

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Since time immemorial, the study of translation has been a fascinating discipline. Academics, literary critics, linguists and legendary writers have been involved in various concepts such as “fidelity”, “foreignization”, “hermeneutics”, “transformation”, “equivalence”, and so on. There is no shortage of literature on theories in this regard and it goes without saying that the discipline is likely to bring much more interesting lessons and ideas to the world of knowledge. Examine this multifaceted discipline of literary translation and Bengali literary translation with a focus on translations between Bengali and English. He does this primarily by looking at a selected number of celebratory translations. Each of these texts, analyzed descriptively in different chapters, deals with different aspects of literary translation. Although the book begins with an outline of important translation theory, it focuses primarily on translation work. The study of these translations reveals the various strategies and methods adopted by the translators and finds the rationale behind their adoption. As an alternative approach, the last chapter provides a translator’s perspective.

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  • Book Name: Literary Translation and Bengali
  • Book Author: Aditi Ghosh
  • Book Category: Language Studies
  • Publish Year: 2008
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: N/A
  • File Format: PDF

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