The Language Teaching Matrix by Jack C. Richards

“The Language Teaching Matrix” by Jack C. Richards is a comprehensive guide for language teachers, covering a wide range of teaching methods and techniques. This influential book offers practical suggestions for planning and implementing effective language instruction, and includes detailed explanations of key principles and concepts in language teaching. With its clear and accessible style, “The Language Teaching Matrix” is an indispensable resource for language teachers at all levels of experience.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that this book is written in a very academic style. Although I have read books – academic – before, it had been a while. The – last – several – books I read on language learning had been written in a much easier and more user-friendly style. However, with The Language Teaching Matrix, I returned to dense, heavy academic prose, the kind of prose that requires very careful reading and does not give up its meaning easily. The language teaching matrix indicates that the book is going to detail a kind of comprehensive system. And the introduction explicitly states that “the matrix of language teaching is designed to serve as a textbook for language teaching methods and teacher preparation courses” (vii) In reality, the book is almost as a complete book. The various articles in the book cover all the components of a language course (curriculum development, listening teaching, reading teaching, writing teaching, conversation teaching). But then some chapters seem to exaggerate the same binding, such as the chapter on integrating bilingual children into general education, for example, has very little relevance to those of us who teach in an EFL (foreign as English language) environment. [Watch Video]

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  • Book Name: The Language Teaching Matrix
  • Book Author: Jack C. Richards
  • Book Categories: Language Studies, English Language
  • Book Language: English
  • Total Pages: 98 Pages

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