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Book Synopsis:

The author of the novel, Ken Flett himself, says: I have received many letters about the love scenes in this book. Yes, a little provocative.

I worked on a story for a year,
The name of the book is Country Risk, which I never finished. A group
The story of the Russian, in the corner of the Western Bank
Will rob. Do a lot of research and build the plot
I did it, which my agent and publisher also liked.

Then when I started writing the first chapter,
I wondered how people could do that
Talk about needles, how they read
Moves to the edge of the chair, what happens next
Desperate to know. I realized that no matter what happens in a bank, people will never feel that way. So I canceled that story and sat down to write Lie Down with the Lions – a story that showed two people fleeing Afghanistan over the Himalayas during the Afghan war. And, according to I Need the Needle, I put a girl in the middle of this story. ‘International espionage with modern tactics, with a love story, and why Fletcher cheap surprises. Why Flet’s core power
Revelation is seen in her female character they are smart, strong, independent, and when they love someone, Orebapare!

The lions are really roaring … the speed of the storm, the skill of the lion, cut the marks in the minds of the characters.

Los Angeles Herald Exminer

Full of mastery … plot, plot inside it, dishonesty, levy, will keep you hanging on the edge all the time.

Book Information:

  • Name: Lie Down with Lions
  • Writer: Ken Follet
  • Categories: Fiction, Adventure, Mystery
  • Language: Bangla
  • Total Pages: 258pages
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: Unknown

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