Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe

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Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe

Doctor Faustus Review:

I was re-reading Dr. Fausto’s work by Christopher Marlowe. I want everyone to know the plot and the action. The tragic story of Dr. Fausto’s life and death was a German folk tale by Christopher Marlowe. Faust was first published in 1604 and eleven years after Marlowe’s death. The idea that a person sells his soul to the devil by knowledge is an old motive of Christian folklore. Marlow makes many arguments in his poetry. After four scenes in 160০৪, Jesus made a play on the scene. In 1616, split into some comic scenes, oh, I read theology, treatment, logic, all the science, the humanity of the sick world and now I’m mine. I want to try my luck, can I? Wagner put it here, call my two university academics, Valdés and Cornelius have taken all my books to black magic, okay, teacher, I want to tell them two academics and their great refrigerator, my friend welcomes a dear friend. z Dear Cornelius: Your words have finally convinced me of the benefits of magazines.

Now that I am interested in performing miracles through witchcraft, point me to my knowledge in these books and our experience will respond as a complete compliment to my friends to all nations. Let’s begin the journey towards Krishna magic and become the ruler of this world house by keeping a book of the same name. Look up and don’t make him feel tempted. Necromancy is forbidden.Beloved people are not allowed to practice magic in any way. Listen, in the famous arts, animals move quickly with the rich words of nature. Be like a shower on earth, and let all your wishes go fast, come on, I’m with you, oh, how I am enlightened by the golden beauties of the world, I will awaken spirits and make them my servants, I am Teflon Memphis, we are Lucifer’s great servant. . We have been angels once, but against Shaw we have conspired against us, and we are always condemned to do any of the witchcraft tactics to sign a bond with Fast Lucifer. Today, my request, I fulfill all your wishes, I can speak one after another and as people gain power quickly begin to enjoy worldly wealth and domination, all the rich people of the world begin to enjoy magic techniques such as in the middle of winter. , Ask for a lot of money for fresh grapes. Wasting time for fun. Faust and Mephistopheles together went to the palace of the German emperor and celebrated the conscience of Alexander the Great.

To see the spirits fun after that, he wants Helena to appear in Troy, the beautiful queen appears, everyone is amazed at her unparalleled beauty, oh, this look dropped thousands of ships and burned the towers of the edge suit, Helen immortalized me. . . The next time a kiss disappeared in Rome and a joke with the parents began, and the Friars stole their sandwiches and private snacks, they entered their private rooms and soon felt sorry and revenge for enjoying the life of a 24-year-old boy. Did. Halfway through the episode, the evil angel returns to his former self to persuade him to accept it.

To continue, the good angel had to give up because Faust proved too weak to return. Faust’s guilt did not allow him to surrender to the voice of God, and even the good angels tried to see the blood flow from the ceiling when they tried to pray, but the evil angels appeared, at the last moment he was cured of his sin. And the vocal cords are stretched. Unable to withstand the second, eventually the good angels left Joseph, and his evil angels now agreed with the pod that had to be burned in hell, hell had nothing to do with it, but he had already tried the fruit of heaven on earth. , The forbidden art of humanity that made him corrupt and cruel, and thus the life of Dr. Faust. It’s over

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