Death of a Salesman By Arthur Miller

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Death of a Salesman Play By Arthur Miller PDF Download

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Arthur Miller captioned Death of a Salesman “Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem.” In the Ashkenaz Festival production now showing at the Studio Theater at the Toronto Center for the Arts, the conversations are not so much private as internal. Willy Loman, the pathetic peddler, and the great dreamer, talks to himself as he tries to come to terms with his utter failure as husband, father, and salesman.

The death of a salesperson is rightly seen as a parable of the American dream, the constitutional right idea, and ideal of the pursuit of happiness interpreted as business success and wealth. If the play resonated in America in 1949, it is much more relevant today than ever.

I saw a very good production of this play. A famous star (whose name I can’t remember) played Willy. He did a great job, but I must admit I had trouble concentrating at times. it just got a little long for me. I’ve never read it, but I really don’t think I want to do it right now.

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