What are wonderful facts about human psychology?

There are some wonderful facts about human psychology:-

1. People who are beautiful to look at are the most acceptable to other people. But if you look average, you need to do more than average. And the worst people to see have to do something extraordinary to be acceptable to people.

Because the human mind prefers physical beauty and avoids ugly appearance due to immaturity of mind. But in the end what is important is the inner beauty and the wisdom experience that is available from time to time.

2. Leaving your girlfriend / boyfriend may seem more difficult than leaving your friends.

What are wonderful facts about human psychology?

This is because romantic relationships induce strong pheromone secretion in your body which forces you to develop a strong bond with your partner. Which makes it harder for you to get out of this kind of relationship.

3. The more you pay attention to a person, the more attitude he will show you.

This is because the more attention people get, the more their minds think they are important and handsome and the person who is paying attention to them is desperate to be with them.

4. Money awakens confidence and happiness in most people. This increases their need to work.

This is because money can easily meet your needs and give birth to complacency in your mind.

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