Straight and Level: Practical Airline Economics by Stephen Holloway

Straight and Level: Practical Airline Economics PDF by Stephen Holloway Free download and view online.

Straight and Level: Practical Airline Economics by Stephen Holloway pdf free

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This third edition of Straight and Level thoroughly updates the previous version with extensive comments on recent industry developments and emerging business models. The discussion is illustrated with current examples drawn from all sectors of the industry and all regions of the world. However, the basic structure of previous versions, which is now widely used as the framework for the course of aviation management, remains unchanged. Part 1 of the book provides a strategic context in which the economy of the industry should be considered. Part 2 is based on a simple but powerful model that relates operating income to operating costs; Examines the most important components of demand and traffic, price and performance, production, and unit cost. Part 3 focuses on three important aspects of capacity management: network management; Rapid management; And revenue management. Part 4 concludes the book by exploring the relationship between unit revenue, unit cost, throughput, and load factor. Straight and Level is primarily written for Master’s students in the Aviation Management course. The book should also be useful for seniors who want to prepare for more advanced studies. Among professionals, you will transfer established managers from executive positions to general management positions. More generally, anyone with knowledge of the airline industry wants to gain a deeper understanding of a real level of his economy and can find a book of interest with an idea of ​​the causes of his financial instability.

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  • Book Name: Straight and Level: Practical Airline Economics
  • Edition: 3rd Edition
  • Book Author: Stephen Holloway
  • Book Category: Aeronautical Engineering
  • Published Date: Reprint, 2015
  • Book Language: English
  • Book Publisher: Routledge
  • Total Pages: 616 Pages

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