PSC Routine: Primary Education Routine

PSC Routine 2020 has been recently published by the Directorate of Primary Education. According to the decision of the DPE and the Ministry of Education, this year the PSC 2020 exam will begin on November 17, 2020. PSC is also known as the PECE exam. PSC means Primary School Certificate. But the real name is PECE, which is the primary final certificate exam. Here you will find the full details of the PSC 2020 exam routine.

About PSC Exam

PSC is widely known as PEC. Primary final certificate exam. This test is taken after the end of primary education. In Bangladesh, the education system is divided into four categories. They are Primary Education, Secondary Education System, Higher Secondary Education, and Graduation. PSC / PEC is the first public exam to be taken after the completion of the Bangladesh Primary Education System. It is worth mentioning that, the largest number of students attend the PEC exam. Each year, the number of candidates is increasing. In the year 2019, it will surely increase.

When will the PSC Exam 2019 Start?

The PSC or PEC exam date is declared by the Directorate of Primary Education. According to your announcement, the PSC 2019 exam will begin on November 17, 2019. If you are looking for the exam date, we are pleased to notify you that the exam start date is November 17, 2019.

PSC Exam Routine 2019

As it is here, it is certain that you are looking for the PSC 2019 exam routine. We will provide details here. The PSC exam will be taken under the supervision of the Directorate of Primary Education. According to its press release, the review will take place on November 17, 2019. It will continue until November 22, 2019. If there is no accidental matter such as a flood, danger or political instability, it will end at the right time. . Otherwise, the PSC test data may change for the DPE. Below we have provided the details routinely.

PSC Routine 2019 Download

It is essential to print and save the Primary Certificate of Examination routine on your device. In some cases, most students print the routine and hang it on the table. It will remind you of the exam date. To save on your smartphone, tablet, and computer or any other electronic device, we have provided the routine of details of the PSC exam here. You can download it directly from here.

PSC Exam routine 2019 PDF Download

PDF means a portable document format. Some people love to save the PDF routine instead of the image. Actually, it is better to keep the routine as a document format. It is the best printable format for everyone. If you want to download the PSC 2019 exam routine, we have provided it here. Click the button below to download the PEC 2019 exam routine

PSC Routine 2019 PDF Download

PSC Exam routine 2019 of All education board

Bangladesh is divided into different educational regions. This region will help you organize and maintain the PSC exam system and results in 2019. The entire office of the educational region is known as the Bangladesh education board. The entire Board of Education is centrally maintained by the Directorate of Primary Education. The theme of PEC is the same in all educational boards. The routine is published centrally by the Directorate of Primary Education. Therefore, the PSC 2019 exam routine is the same for all educational boards, except the Madrasah Board of Education.

PSC routine 2019 of Madrasah Board

Students of the Madrasah Board of Education read different subjects than the general education board. Therefore, the exam date is the same as the General Education Board and the subject is different. The primary final exam of the Madrasah Board of Education is known as the Ebtedayee Exam. Next, we provide the Madrasah Board Ebtedayee 2019 exam routine.

Ebtedayee Routine 2019

Ebtedayee Examinee students read Bengali, English, mathematics as general students. Instead of social sciences, Islamic sciences and studies, they read Bangladesh Bisso Porichoy and Science, Arabic and Quran Majid, Tazbid Akaid and Fiqh Subject Extra. The Ebtadeyee exam routine is decorated according to these topics. The routine is given below.

Ebtadyee Exam Routine 2019 Download

From the following link you can download the Ebtedayee 2019 exam routine. If you want to print it to hang it on the wall or keep it on the reading table, you can do it directly from the following link.

Important PSC information

The PSC exam of the entire education board of Bangladesh will begin at the same time. The PSC routine is the same for the entire Bangladeshi Board of Education. The main directorate of Bangladesh maintains the PSC exam. The student will participate in the exam in different exam centers in Bangladesh. Students from different centers of the same board will participate in the exam as the same questionnaire. The physically ineligible or special child will have an additional 30 minutes for the exam.

This is the routine of PSC 2019 and Ebtedayee Routine 2019. I hope this writing and information meet your demand. If you have more questions about the PSC routine, let me know through the comment form. We will help you Do not forget to share the routine with your friends and family and your social media account. Sharing is showing interest

Updated: January 27, 2020 — 2:30 pm