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Memsaheb By Nimai Vottacharjo - PDF Download

Memsaheb was published in the first edition of Dej Publishing from Calcutta Dej Publishing in 1392 BS. This novel is written in the context of forty-seven with the history of another unique love that has been cherished in the hearts of Bengalis for ages. Memsaheb has become a favorite among the readers as the emotions of Bengalis sway in the river in a new way. This novel is a mixture of thrilling love and life struggle. Fiction writer Nimai Bhattacharya wrote this Memsaheb novel at one point in his life. Written with well-organized language and strong feelings, this story teaches us to love anew. Many readers fall in love with Memsaheb through the characters of the novel. Some literary scholars think that the story of Memsaheb is a true story of the author’s own life. The story of how a half-reporter, a half-reporter among the millions of unemployed people in the city of Calcutta after the partition of the country in the forty-seventh century, uses the power of love with the strength of mind and devotion to hold himself in the best position. The novel begins with a letter to Dola Baudi. The whole novel is written like a letter. There are two main characters in the novel. One is Memsaheb and the other is Bachchu, the protagonist of this novel. One day, after hearing the story of his unpretentious life, he started writing a letter to Dola Baudi. The author skillfully brings up the character of Memsaheb by soaking the reader’s eyes with the waves of the deep sea. But before that, the birth story of the hero Bachchu has appeared in the novel. (Book Review: Good Reads) –

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